Coordinates: -9532.9375 / -923.4375 / 19799.125
Distance to Sol: 21,993.98 ly
Reserve: ?
Population: 498,590
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Service (Extraction, Agriculture, High Tech, Private Enterprise, Tourism, Colony)
Security: Low
Faction: Colonia Citizens Network
Government: Cooperative
Allegiance: Independent
States: Civil Liberty, Investment
Powerplay: None
Bolden's Enterprise L 354 ls
Dohler Depot M 147 ls
Anand Metallurgic Base M 109 ls
Andrukhovych Botanical Range L 109 ls
Ariss's Drilling L 4,563 ls
Baruti Hydroponics Base L 4,597 ls
Bruni Botanical Market L 353 ls
Bruni Mining Exchange L 508 ls
Cranfield's Prospect L 508 ls
Crossland's Deposit L 147 ls
Getsyk Agricultural Complex S 147 ls
Gimenez Dredging Station L 508 ls
Greco Mineralogic Reserve M 4,707 ls
Hayashi Mineralogic Territory L 4,658 ls
Heighton Nutrition Facility L 147 ls
Huber Metallurgic Enterprise M 354 ls
Jarvis's Find L 4,688 ls
Ki Agricultural Facility L 147 ls
Kobayashi's Dream L 4,671 ls
Lane Mining Station L 4,613 ls
Lastra Mines L 354 ls
Maeda Hydroponics Complex L 354 ls
Munoz Excavation Territory L 147 ls
Ndam's Peace L 4,752 ls
Ndiaye's Biosphere L 60 ls
Neumann Extraction Prospect L 4,626 ls
Onyilogwu Botanical Farm S 508 ls
Otanez Nutrition Nursery S 353 ls
Otueome Dredging Reserve L 4,615 ls
Pena Leisure Complex M 4,651 ls
Rosewell Extraction Territory M 4,657 ls
Ryu Hydroponics Market L 4,661 ls
Sakai Mineralogic Hub M 4,741 ls
Schmitt Mineralogic Exploration L 4,669 ls
Shewayish's Claim S 4,705 ls
The Watchtower L 109 ls
Uchida Agricultural Hub S 4,647 ls
Varma's Farm S 507 ls
Webster Excavation Complex L 354 ls
Zelenko Dredging Enterprise M 4,712 ls
Zhou Mineralogic Complex L 507 ls
Zhou Nutrition Holding S 507 ls
Fleet Carriers
H2T-LHV 60 ls
K2Z-85Z 60 ls
K5J-13Y 109 ls
KFZ-9XX 109 ls
Q0G-4CZ 147 ls
T1J-T8H 147 ls
T2G-NKK 354 ls
Scientific Installation 4,771 ls
Tir Research Labs 509 ls