Coordinates: -9520.3125 / -909.5 / 19808.75
Distance to Sol: 21,996.59 ly
Reserve: Pristine
Population: 355,036
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (Extraction, Private Enterprise, Colony)
Security: Medium
Faction: HOTCOL
Government: Cooperative
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom
Powerplay: None
Giles Station L 1,280 ls
Talalay Retreat M 1,787 ls
Aniefuna Territories L 2,423 ls
Clark Metallurgic Facility L 1,278 ls
Kamara Dredging Complex L 1,785 ls
Kewell Extraction Prospect L 1,288 ls
The Divine Apparatus L 2,422 ls
Fleet Carriers
Q6B-B6Z 1,278 ls
Attractions: None