Coordinates: -9544.25 / -879.59375 / 19822.03125
Distance to Sol: 22,017.70 ly
Reserve: Pristine
Population: 473,723
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Service (Industrial, High Tech, Military, Private Enterprise, Extraction)
Security: Anarchy
Faction: The Nameless
Government: Anarchy
Allegiance: Independent
States: Boom
Powerplay: None
Amber Dock M 331 ls
Aragon Silo M 1,861 ls
Robardin Rock L 8 ls
Almeida-Vega Industrial Holdings S 1,908 ls
Anotidaishe's Manufacturings L 1,880 ls
Arai's Command L 10,334 ls
Augar Fortification L 1,875 ls
Babu Chemical Works S 1,896 ls
Bloom Honour L 10,297 ls
Bockarie Prospecting Enterprise M 1,857 ls
Bohm Command Installation L 10,329 ls
Bonetti Genetics Lab S 10,475 ls
Bunyan Mining Prospect L 1,909 ls
Cartier's Laboratory L 1,867 ls
Carvalho Mineralogic Facility L 1,901 ls
Chakladar Research Enterprise L 10,306 ls
Chamapiwa Chemical Exchange L 1,879 ls
Chuke Mining Base L 1,869 ls
Diaz Synthetics Depot L 1,878 ls
Ferreira Mining Territory L 1,884 ls
Herrera's Manufacturings L 1,818 ls
Holthausen Military Expedition M 1,907 ls
Kambanda Command Point L 10,305 ls
Kaplan Inventions S 10,448 ls
Kapoor Excavation Territory S 1,899 ls
Laister Chemical Works L 1,903 ls
Lamar Military Fortification M 10,325 ls
Mahto Biochemical Facility S 1,744 ls
Maiboroda Liberty M 1,879 ls
McGuire Armoury L 10,298 ls
Nechuy Research Expedition L 10,406 ls
Nunez Military Garrison M 10,425 ls
Nxasana Biological Forum S 1,898 ls
Oliveira Genetics Exploration L 11,366 ls
Pollard Analysis Forum S 1,741 ls
Ronis Synthetics Complex L 1,878 ls
Scavo's Outpost L 1,878 ls
Suk Chemical Productions L 1,904 ls
Sumlak's Watch L 1,896 ls
Wells Astrophysics Installation L 1,877 ls
Wells Extraction Base M 1,891 ls
Yoon Hold M 10,329 ls
Yoon's Installation L 1,868 ls
Fleet Carriers
BNZ-1AZ 8 ls
H8F-86B 297 ls
K4H-2XB 7 ls
T9Z-1QX 7 ls
V7V-LXQ 1,867 ls
XFK-T4Q 8 ls
Attractions: None