Coordinates: 48.65625 / -50.84375 / 6.875
Distance to Sol: 70.71 ly
Reserve: ?
Population: 4,823,292,136
Needs Permit: No
Economy: Agriculture (Industrial)
Security: High
Faction: Liberals of Kappa Reticuli
Government: Democracy
Allegiance: Federation
States: None
Powerplay: None
Bobko Gateway L 2,520 ls
Celsius Terminal M 3,806 ls
Newman Hub M 190,266 ls
Roosa Dock L 1,518 ls
Schirra Dock L 1,017 ls
Smeaton Hub L 351 ls
Conway Installation L 350 ls
Ivanchenkov Settlement L 350 ls
Rose Settlement L 350 ls
Thompson Depot L 350 ls