Warning: The module presence is not guaranteed. Stations sometimes go out of stock for some modules. This state is not permanent. This means, you have a chance of finding listed modules in this station. It is not guaranteed though.

Found 191 stations. Showing 1 - 50.
Station SystemAllegiancePadArrival DistancePrices UpdateDistance Sol
Deluc Arsenal OduduroFederationL212 ls1 days40.11 ly
MacLean City 15 Lambda AurigaeFederationL10,540 ls18 hours41.21 ly
Dobzhansky Orbital AthraFederationL38,821 ls8 days42.17 ly
Marques Survey LP 532-81IndependentL396,543 ls23 days42.38 ly
Flade Enterprise LHS 28FederationL617 ls6 hours44.44 ly
Fisher Port LP 128-9FederationL1,762 ls9 hours45.33 ly
Clairaut City 10 TauriFederationL4,155 ls16 hours45.56 ly
Marshall Legacy Lalande 6320FederationL218 ls14 days50.23 ly
Stephen Varey's Station Lalande 6320FederationL220 ls10 hours50.23 ly
Ohm City LHS 20FederationL1,153 ls3 hours50.36 ly
Howard Depot BorrFederationL72,338 ls1 days50.66 ly
Grover Terminal BorrIndependentL72,367 ls2 hours50.66 ly
Anning Port LHS 1681FederationL570 ls2 hours50.97 ly
Hovell Arsenal RBS 742FederationL1,225 ls43 days52.62 ly
Higginbotham Dock BD+49 1280FederationL103 ls16 hours53.21 ly
Marshburn Station KadiFederationL404 ls7 days54.24 ly
Kovalevsky Dock IntiFederationL183,965 ls8 days55.30 ly
Spedding Orbital KP TauriFederationL12 ls4 hours55.31 ly
Zamka Station LHS 191FederationL1,411 ls9 hours55.59 ly
Rozhdestvensky Station UchalurojaFederationL1,904 ls13 hours57.76 ly
Zudov Dock UchalurojaFederationL21,918 ls12 hours57.76 ly
Disch Keep UchalurojaFederationL2,795 ls25 days57.76 ly
Yurchikhin Port GerasFederationL1,052,950 ls1 days58.25 ly
Morgan Legacy G 35-15FederationL983 ls64 days58.27 ly
Kirchoff Hub G 35-15FederationL925 ls3 hours58.27 ly
Tereshkova Hub G 35-15FederationL979 ls1 days58.27 ly
Cugnot Terminal G 35-15FederationL18 ls20 hours58.27 ly
Walker Ring GertrudFederationL2,231 ls2 days58.54 ly
Carrier Dock LP 356-106FederationL1,504 ls13 hours59.32 ly
Yu Port LHS 197FederationL909 ls9 hours62.98 ly
Proteus Orbital BD+24 543FederationL274 ls13 hours63.35 ly
So-yeon Port Tao TiFederationL1,745 ls17 hours65.66 ly
Hermaszewski Dock HamalFederationL657 ls4 days65.84 ly
Russell Relay LTT 11244IndependentL410,716 ls23 days67.98 ly
Harvest Dock TociFederationL37 ls5 hours67.98 ly
Lichtenberg Terminal AnuFederationL396 ls17 hours70.21 ly
Starlace Station MinervaFederationL464 ls21 hours70.23 ly
Redi Vision AulebegusFederationL7,858 ls13 days70.47 ly
Duke Hub Al-QaumIndependentL572 ls1 days71.53 ly
Skvortsov Relay LHS 6050FederationL37,234 ls57 days72.51 ly
Nelson City AongiFederationL7,787 ls9 days72.66 ly
Wirtanen Base 53 chi CetiIndependentL1,688 ls79 days75.65 ly
Mallett Orbital 53 chi CetiFederationL22,431 ls11 days75.65 ly
Preuss Enterprise 53 chi CetiFederationL23,491 ls16 hours75.65 ly
Moisuc Hub LP 535-11IndependentL1,473 ls10 days75.88 ly
Seven Holm TamorFederationL478 ls8 hours76.14 ly
Virts Gateway WakawalFederationL448 ls33 days77.42 ly
Good Ring WakawalFederationL568 ls32 days77.42 ly
Ivanov Ring MazuFederationL682 ls10 days78.16 ly
Arkwright Hub MazuFederationL683 ls8 days78.16 ly