Warning: The module presence is not guaranteed. Stations sometimes go out of stock for some modules. This state is not permanent. This means, you have a chance of finding listed modules in this station. It is not guaranteed though.

Found 457 stations. Showing 1 - 50.
Station SystemAllegiancePadArrival DistancePrices UpdateDistance Sol
Wells Ring V538 AurigaeFederationL14,012 ls13 mins40.06 ly
Halsell Laboratory OduduroFederationL211 ls25 days40.11 ly
McDivitt Dock OduduroFederationL863 ls12 days40.11 ly
Conrad Hub OduduroFederationL115 ls1 days40.11 ly
Dalton Gateway OduduroFederationL864 ls2 days40.11 ly
Heng Dock OduduroFederationL138 ls22 hours40.11 ly
Coke Dock LFT 424IndependentL1,015 ls6 hours40.72 ly
Tognini Orbital 15 Lambda AurigaeFederationL10,422 ls23 hours41.21 ly
Wiley Station 15 Lambda AurigaeFederationL1,804 ls11 days41.21 ly
Filter's Pride 15 Lambda AurigaeFederationL10,146 ls75 days41.21 ly
Benz Ring 15 Lambda AurigaeFederationL10,849 ls12 days41.21 ly
Irwin Port AthraFederationL38,742 ls1 days42.17 ly
Charles Orbiter CapellaFederationL10,298 ls1 days42.83 ly
Schilling Market CapellaFederationL10,517 ls-42.83 ly
Darkesport CapellaFederationL10,521 ls3 days42.83 ly
Matthews Base CapellaFederationL10,988 ls2 days42.83 ly
Lowry Market CapellaFederationL10,990 ls-42.83 ly
Schmidt Orbiter CapellaFederationL10,513 ls14 hours42.83 ly
Barry Gateway Gliese 3371IndependentL81 ls6 hours44.16 ly
Precourt Port Gliese 3371IndependentL46 ls15 hours44.16 ly
Fisher Port LP 128-9FederationL1,792 ls15 hours45.33 ly
Clairaut City 10 TauriFederationL4,159 ls2 days45.56 ly
Wohler Landing LosinFederationL11 ls19 mins46.61 ly
Calvin Lawrence AkkadiaFederationL96 ls4 days47.32 ly
Buffett Vista AkkadiaFederationL95 ls12 days47.32 ly
Hotel Vogelsang Outpost AkkadiaFederationL97 ls20 hours47.32 ly
Gernsback City LHS 1604FederationL313,742 ls2 days47.84 ly
Belyayev Relay LHS 1561FederationL779 ls-49.44 ly
Armstrong City BorrIndependentL1,256 ls4 hours50.66 ly
Grover Terminal BorrIndependentL72,342 ls5 days50.66 ly
Wrangell Dock Ross 584FederationL1,520 ls11 hours50.79 ly
Anning Port LHS 1681FederationL568 ls2 hours50.97 ly
Wallace Hub LHS 1547FederationL82,552 ls1 days52.62 ly
Sherrington Station LHS 1547FederationL82,963 ls5 days52.62 ly
Foucault Hub LHS 1547FederationL82,558 ls5 days52.62 ly
Bernard Hub LHS 1547FederationL82,857 ls3 days52.62 ly
Laplace Orbital BD+49 1280FederationL70 ls2 days53.21 ly
Tull Gateway BD+49 1280FederationL84 ls6 days53.21 ly
Archimedes City BD+49 1280FederationL69 ls4 days53.21 ly
Marshburn Station KadiFederationL404 ls4 days54.24 ly
Payson Plant ApolloFederationL17 ls2 days54.38 ly
Gurney Enterprise SaranyuFederationL1,107 ls5 days55.20 ly
Artsebarsky Dock IntiFederationL1,945 ls23 days55.30 ly
Cori Dock IntiFederationL2,555 ls32 days55.30 ly
Baturin Hub IntiFederationL1,567 ls12 days55.30 ly
Spedding Orbital KP TauriFederationL12 ls8 hours55.31 ly
Zamka Station LHS 191FederationL1,402 ls23 hours55.59 ly
Hennen Gateway LHS 1617FederationL5,383 ls18 days57.56 ly
Ejeta Terminal LHS 1617FederationL675 ls6 days57.56 ly
Malpighi Port LHS 1617FederationL517 ls3 days57.56 ly