Warning: The module presence is not guaranteed. Stations sometimes go out of stock for some modules. This state is not permanent. This means, you have a chance of finding listed modules in this station. It is not guaranteed though.

Found 6,055 stations. Showing 1 - 50.
Station SystemAllegiancePadArrival DistancePrices UpdateDistance Sol
O'Brien Vision SiriusIndependentM9,048 ls6 hours8.59 ly
Patterson Enterprise SiriusIndependentL1,029 ls3 mins8.59 ly
Vries Base DuamtaFederationL418 ls-9.88 ly
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise WISE 1506+7027FederationL253 ls14 mins10.52 ly
Jones Estate Groombridge 34IndependentL10 ls6 hours11.73 ly
Ross Colony Epsilon IndiIndependentL684 ls11 hours11.80 ly
London Relay Epsilon IndiFederationL683 ls3 hours11.80 ly
Graham Terminal Tau CetiIndependentL756 ls5 hours11.94 ly
Clement Orbital YZ CetiFederationL1,221 ls32 mins12.07 ly
Tepper Penal colony YZ CetiFederationL20 ls2 days12.07 ly
Ashby City Luyten's StarFederationL298 ls8 hours12.39 ly
Kepler Gateway Kruger 60FederationL5,760 ls4 hours13.08 ly
O'Brien Depot Kruger 60FederationL5,763 ls-13.08 ly
Ray Enterprise LHS 380FederationM80,303 ls3 days13.85 ly
Crook Hub ToolfaFederationL13 ls4 hours14.01 ly
Alexandrov Base Wolf 424FederationL3,130 ls16 days14.01 ly
Ramon Hub G 41-14FederationL8,325 ls18 hours14.55 ly
Buchli City MildeptuFederationL116,392 ls2 hours14.56 ly
Snyder Enterprise TZ ArietisFederationL813 ls25 mins14.61 ly
Santos Depot TZ ArietisIndependentL1,183 ls5 hours14.61 ly
Aristotle Gateway Ross 780FederationL104 ls1 hours15.32 ly
Patsayev Penal colony Ross 780FederationL2,182 ls4 days15.32 ly
Kinsey Enterprise IL AquariiFederationM12,016 ls19 hours15.45 ly
Patsayev Station IL AquariiFederationL1,855 ls19 hours15.45 ly
Faraday Enterprise KokaryFederationL95 ls11 hours15.79 ly
Cady Market Groombridge 1618IndependentL169 ls5 hours15.88 ly
Szilard Arsenal Groombridge 1618FederationL24,190 ls1 days15.88 ly
Rushworth Hub 70 OphiuchiFederationL122 ls12 days16.58 ly
Solo Orbiter AltairFederationL667 ls10 hours16.74 ly
Kennan Bastion LP 816-60FederationL467 ls1 days18.65 ly
Feynman Terminal BhritzamenoFederationL1,370 ls2 hours19.09 ly
Kessel Silo Eta CassiopeiaeFederationL406 ls2 days19.45 ly
Velazquez Gateway Wolf 1481FederationL631 ls7 hours19.74 ly
Apt Station Struve 1321FederationL44,148 ls5 days20.13 ly
Merbold Ring EQ PegasiFederationL11 ls20 mins20.19 ly
Hopkins Port Wolf 562FederationL36 ls5 hours20.23 ly
Berners-Lee Terminal Wolf 562FederationL124 ls8 hours20.23 ly
Robinson Hub Lalande 18115IndependentL340,052 ls1 days20.45 ly
Garay Base Lalande 18115FederationL341,946 ls2 days20.45 ly
Preuss Orbital Lalande 18115FederationL89 ls11 hours20.45 ly
Waldeck Terminal Lalande 18115FederationL162 ls2 days20.45 ly
Bursch Enterprise SaktsakFederationL2,146 ls2 hours20.62 ly
Tayler Bastion LHS 71FederationL2,109 ls44 days21.39 ly
Shiner Port Ross 104FederationM16 ls4 days21.73 ly
Bunch City Ross 104FederationL12 ls14 hours21.73 ly
Butz Port CarenerFederationL4,730 ls5 hours21.87 ly
Gamow Gateway Ross 775FederationL2,170 ls1 days21.89 ly
Khrenov Relay LHS 3836FederationL281 ls3 days22.18 ly
Thomson Terminal Ross 671IndependentL9 ls9 hours22.35 ly
Lister Hangar ZhiIndependentM314 ls13 hours22.51 ly