Warning: The module presence is not guaranteed. Stations sometimes go out of stock for some modules. This state is not permanent. This means, you have a chance of finding listed modules in this station. It is not guaranteed though.

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Station SystemAllegiancePadArrival DistancePrices UpdateDistance ly
Morris Station Shoki YineIndependentL54 ls9 mins262.93 ly
Morgan Port KhruttonesFederationL10 ls1 days281.94 ly
Ore Terminal HIP 9452IndependentL3,250 ls3 hours288.24 ly
Zebrowski Orbital HIP 17272IndependentL47 ls30 days289.49 ly
van Royen Vision HIP 13564EmpireL1,853 ls11 days291.96 ly
Berkey Terminal TankobungEmpireL71 ls7 days292.04 ly
Havilland's Folly TankobungEmpireL134 ls299 days292.04 ly
Heng Ring MalangesFederationL14 ls4 hours292.37 ly
Shimizu Survey HIP 13317EmpireM577 ls63 days293.31 ly
Ivanchenkov Hub ObamumboIndependentM17 ls11 days294.21 ly
Shen Platform HIP 14249EmpireL2,331 ls16 days295.31 ly
Firsoff Orbital HIP 8758EmpireL2,608 ls54 mins297.39 ly
Xuanzang Vision GarongxiansIndependentM6,228 ls28 days297.57 ly
Vries Terminal GarongxiansIndependentL6,167 ls30 mins297.57 ly
Ampere Enterprise HIP 16538FederationL760 ls1 days298.03 ly
Benyovszky Dock EdenwiIndependentL1,213 ls5 days298.09 ly
Anderson Orbital PalantiIndependentL326 ls5 hours299.16 ly
Littrow Vision PaucumanEmpireL264,139 ls7 days299.67 ly
Bean Station Nu KuangFederationL41,221 ls30 days303.87 ly
Killough Base HIP 21112IndependentL131 ls1 days304.07 ly
Resnick Settlement OpetesIndependentM1,276 ls35 days304.39 ly
Kludze Terminal AhautEmpireM113 ls-304.52 ly
Thome Gateway HIP 16607IndependentL2,537 ls3 days306.69 ly
Ricardo Gateway HIP 15962IndependentL945 ls23 days308.26 ly
Broglie Gateway HIP 18339IndependentL2,644 ls12 hours308.83 ly
Manarov Ring HIP 18339FederationM6,204 ls140 days308.83 ly
Weaver Ring HIP 7852IndependentL205,947 ls4 days309.17 ly
Moore Works MatsuchaIndependentL61 ls3 days309.34 ly
Impey Ring SibianoeEmpireL15 ls1 hours309.44 ly
Vess Gateway HIP 16064EmpireL927 ls5 days309.67 ly
Arago Terminal VucastoEmpireM3,718 ls12 hours310.15 ly
Alden Vision AnjaEmpireM23 ls21 days311.08 ly
van Rhijn Station AnjaEmpireL13 ls16 days311.08 ly
Friedrich Peters Gateway SalaallangEmpireL251 ls14 days311.38 ly
Dassault Gateway SalaallangEmpireM250 ls151 days311.38 ly
Harrington Settlement LucadrusIndependentL625 ls3 days311.72 ly
Yegorov Ring BabaradhbhFederationL157 ls4 days312.16 ly
Hafner Station Any NalEmpireM74 ls71 days312.86 ly
Foster Hub PukkeithaEmpireL217 ls23 hours312.87 ly
Killough City PauangIndependentM19 ls144 days313.17 ly
Vavrova Station BjortiiIndependentL11 ls3 days313.66 ly
Revin Orbital BackluitajiIndependentL400 ls1 days314.42 ly
de Kamp Dock TawiIndependentL36 ls1 days314.43 ly
Shaw Ring HatmehiEmpireL4,882 ls7 days315.11 ly
Grushin Prospect HIP 12954EmpireL1,280 ls60 days316.32 ly
Dalton Terminal ValtamFederationL883 ls4 hours316.32 ly
Joy Landing DegardhiEmpireL3,263 ls2 days316.37 ly
Crown Settlement WakandiiniFederationM1,651 ls14 days316.51 ly
Quaglia Orbital HIP 9473IndependentL4,368 ls3 days316.71 ly
Phillifent Dock HIP 22616IndependentL2,001 ls4 days316.86 ly