System: HIP 5700
Body: HIP 5700 B 1 (Orbit)
Distance to Star: 261,601 ls
Station Type: Industrial Outpost
Landing Pad: M
Economies: Extraction, Industrial
Import: Copper, Leather, Natural Fabrics
Export: Hydrogen Fuel, Food Cartridges, Crop Harvesters
Prohibited: Narcotics, Tobacco, Combat Stabilisers, Imperial Slaves, Slaves, Personal Weapons, Battle Weapons, Landmines, Onionhead Gamma Strain
Update: 8 hours ago
Price Update: 10 hours ago
Shipyard Update: -
Outfitting Update: -
Faction: The Brotherhood of GITS
Government: Corporate
Allegiance: Empire
States: Boom, Civil Liberty

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Powerplay: Exploited by Aisling Duval
Cubeo - 13.00 ly
Tumuzgo - 11.43 ly