Democracy - Political
War in Luhman 16
Home System:
Barnard's Star - 5.95 ly from Sol
0 2
Is Player Faction:

Political. Members of this group are actively engaged in the promotion of a democratically approved political agenda.

Barnard's Star    Security: Medium    State: Boom    Population: 1,248,653    Power: Zachary Hudson    5.95 ly from Sol    Update: 2 hours
44.0% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Independent Cooperative Boom Alpha Centauri
17.2% Barnard's Star Alliance Federation Confederacy Boom Barnard's Star
Home System
14.2% Barnard's Star Advanced Corp. Federation Corporate None Barnard's Star
Home System
9.7% 61 Cygni Commodities Federation Corporate Boom 61 Cygni
9.2% 10th Fleet Federation Democracy None Barnard's Star
Home System
4.8% Bureau of Barnard's Star Independent Dictatorship None Barnard's Star
Home System
1.0% Barnard's Star Crimson Society Independent Anarchy Boom Barnard's Star
Home System
Luhman 16    Security: Medium    State: None    Population: 170,509    Power: None    9.91 ly from Barnard's Star    Update: 8 hours
20.8% Luhman 16 Central & Co Federation Corporate None Luhman 16
Home System
29.5% Union of Luhman 16 Values Party Federation Democracy Boom Luhman 16
Home System
20.2% Sirius Corporation Independent Corporate None Sirius
12.2% 10th Fleet Federation Democracy War Barnard's Star
8.3% Luhman 16 Services Federation Corporate War Luhman 16
Home System
8.1% Luhman 16 First Independent Dictatorship Boom Luhman 16
Home System
1.0% Luhman 16 Partnership Independent Anarchy Bust Luhman 16
Home System

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