Corporate - Corporation
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Corporation. A business orientated organisation that has been incorporated as per the Federation Charter of Free Commerce. Members of this faction are representative of a corporate entity and are seen as such in the eyes of the law.

Eta Cephei    Security: Medium    States: Boom, Expansion    Population: 256,477    Power: Zachary Hudson    46.54 ly from Sol    Update: 1 hours
52.3% Blood Brothers from Alrai Happy Federation Democracy Alrai
  • Reilly Plant L 963 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Democracy Boom
Active States: Boom, Expansion
13.4% LHS 535 Silver United Ltd Happy Federation Corporate Unknown
Active States: War
13.4% United Eta Cephei Flag Happy Independent Dictatorship Eta Cephei
Home System
Active States: War
7.8% New Eta Cephei Free Happy Federation Democracy Eta Cephei
Home System
Active States: None
7.0% Eta Cephei Galactic Partners Happy Federation Corporate Eta Cephei
Home System
Active States: None
5.0% Eta Cephei Silver Universal Ex Happy Federation Corporate Eta Cephei
Home System
Active States: None
1.0% Syndicate of Eta Cephei Happy Independent Anarchy Eta Cephei
Home System
Active States: None
LHS 535    Security: Low    States: Boom, Civil Liberty    Population: 2,821,917    Power: Zachary Hudson    51.37 ly from Sol    Update: 6 hours
56.4% LHS 535 Silver United Ltd Elated Federation Corporate Unknown
  • Alexandria Hub L 1,922 ls Industrial Federation Corporate Boom, Civil Liberty
Active States: Boom, Civil Liberty
25.0% Hyperion Star Alliance Happy Federation Democracy Hyperion
Active States: Famine
Recovering States: Blight
6.5% Independent Sopdu Labour Happy Federation Democracy Sopdu
Active States: None
4.4% Nationals of LHS 535 Happy Independent Dictatorship Unknown
Active States: None
3.4% LHS 535 Citizen Party Happy Independent Communism Unknown
Active States: None
3.2% Hyperion Allied Incorporated Happy Federation Corporate Hyperion
Active States: Boom
Recovering States: Civil Liberty
1.0% LHS 535 Jet Dragons Happy Independent Anarchy Unknown
Active States: Civil Unrest