Anarchy - Unfettered
Home System:
CC Eri - 37.87 ly from Sol
0 0 0
Is Player Faction:

Unfettered. This Group is known to have a distain for any laws outside its own attempts to govern its members behavior.

CC Eri    Security: Medium    States: Boom, Civil Liberty    Population: 183,654    Power: None    37.87 ly from Sol    Update: 7 hours
53.4% Nemo Corporation Elated Federation Democracy CC Eri
Home System
  • Hire Port L 2,126 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Democracy Boom, Civil Liberty
Active States: Boom, Civil Liberty
12.6% LFT 168 Electronics Limited Happy Federation Corporate Unknown
Active States: Election
Recovering States: Public Holiday
12.6% Wakaparibe Universal Limited Happy Federation Corporate Wakaparibe
  • Gooch Terminal M 2,143 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Corporate Election
Active States: Election
8.1% LTT 1678 Electronics Organisation Happy Federation Corporate LTT 1678
Active States: None
5.2% CC Eri Ltd Happy Federation Corporate CC Eri
Home System
Active States: None
4.8% Union of CC Eri Values Party Happy Federation Democracy CC Eri
Home System
Active States: None
2.4% New CC Eri Conservatives Happy Independent Dictatorship CC Eri
Home System
Active States: None
1.0% CC Eri Purple Pirates Happy Independent Anarchy CC Eri
Home System
Active States: None