Cooperative - Broker
Home System:
HR 1385 - 164.83 ly from Sol
0 0
Is Player Faction:

Broker. An organisation that specializes in promoting synergy between disparate groups in order to incubate social and commercial growth.

HR 1385    Security: Low    States: Boom    Population: 38,540    Power: Li Yong-Rui    164.83 ly from Sol    Update: 17 hours
70.2% HR 1385 Central Limited Happy Federation Corporate HR 1385
Home System
Active States: Boom
10.6% 97 i Tauri Network Happy Independent Corporate 97 i Tauri
Active States: None
Pending States: Expansion
6.9% HR 1354 Jet Netcoms Interstellar Happy Federation Corporate HR 1354
Active States: None
5.5% Union of Raidal League Happy Federation Confederacy Raidal
Active States: None
3.2% Co-operative of HR 1385 Happy Independent Cooperative HR 1385
Home System
Active States: None
2.1% Posse of HR 1385 Happy Independent Anarchy HR 1385
Home System
Active States: None
1.5% HR 1385 Commodities Happy Independent Corporate HR 1385
Home System
Active States: None
0.0% Pilots' Federation Local Branch Happy Pilots Federation Democracy Unknown
Active States: None

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