Theocracy - Theocrat
Home System:
HR 6598 - 149.01 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Theocrat. An Independent group that claims to be religious in nature. It is possible that this group may not be an officially sanctioned religion.

HR 6598    Security: Medium    States: Expansion    Population: 162,041    Power: None    149.01 ly from Sol    Update: 14 hours
55.6% The L.O.S.P. Happy Independent Confederacy Jitabos
  • Flynn Colony M 1,128 ls Terraforming Independent Confederacy Expansion, None
  • McCarthy Settlement M 11,563 ls Terraforming Independent Confederacy Expansion
  • Bailey's Claim L 225 ls Extraction Independent Confederacy Expansion
Active States: Expansion
10.9% Children of Raxxla Happy Independent Anarchy HR 6421
Active States: War
10.9% HR 6598 Sanctified Sanctuary Happy Independent Theocracy HR 6598
Home System
Active States: War
7.9% Bureau of HR 6598 Liberty Party Happy Independent Dictatorship HR 6598
Home System
Active States: None
7.6% HR 6598 Blue Public Systems Happy Independent Corporate HR 6598
Home System
Active States: None
7.1% HR 6598 Gang Happy Independent Anarchy HR 6598
Home System
Active States: None

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