Democracy - Political
Home System:
Lung - 15.48 ly from Sol
1 6
Is Player Faction:

Political. Members of this group are actively engaged in the promotion of a democratically approved political agenda.

Lung    Security: Medium    State: Retreat    Population: 608,020    Power: Zachary Hudson    15.48 ly from Sol    Update: 30 mins
32.2% Green Party of Lung Federation Democracy Retreat Lung
Home System
  • Hopkins Landing L 91 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Democracy Retreat
  • Harvey Station M 989 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Democracy Retreat
  • Qureshi Hangar M 49 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Democracy Retreat
  • Piccard Plant L 91 ls Refinery Federation Democracy Retreat
14.4% Brothers of Lung Independent Anarchy Boom Lung
Home System
13.7% Confederacy of Omicron-2 Eridani Federation Confederacy War Omicron-2 Eridani
12.5% Lung Industry Federation Corporate Boom Lung
Home System
12.4% Lung Dynamic Exchange Federation Corporate Bust Lung
Home System
7.6% Bureau of Lung Nationalists Independent Dictatorship War Lung
Home System
7.2% Kokary Liberals Federation Democracy Retreat Kokary
Tabit    Security: High    State: None    Population: 11,509,728    Power: Zachary Hudson    10.94 ly from Lung    Update: 4 hours
43.8% Earth Defense Fleet Federation Corporate None Okinura
16.0% Ross 41 Industry Federation Corporate None Ross 41
12.6% Tabit Major PLC Federation Corporate Boom Tabit
Home System
11.8% Tabit Liberals Independent Democracy Boom Tabit
Home System
  • Pinto Hub M 4,674 ls Industrial, Refinery Independent Democracy Boom
7.4% Cartel of Tabit Independent Anarchy Boom Tabit
Home System
7.4% Green Party of Lung Federation Democracy Retreat Lung
1.0% Official Tabit Movement Independent Dictatorship None Tabit
Home System
Avik    Security: Low    State: Boom    Population: 42,967    Power: None    12.87 ly from Lung    Update: 2 hours
77.9% Sirius Corporation Independent Corporate Boom Sirius
  • Bruce Prospect M 2,058 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Corporate Boom
4.6% Green Party of Lung Federation Democracy Retreat Lung
4.5% Purple Central Incorporated Federation Corporate Boom Avik
Home System
4.4% Unified Avik Independent Cooperative Boom Avik
Home System
3.1% Independents of Mildeptu Federation Democracy None Mildeptu
2.8% Avik Syndicate Independent Anarchy Boom Avik
Home System
2.7% Sirius Free Federation Democracy None Sirius

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