Anarchy - Unfettered
Home System:
G 85-12 - 42.39 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Unfettered. This Group is known to have a distain for any laws outside its own attempts to govern its members behavior.

G 85-12    Security: Medium    States: Boom, Civil Liberty    Population: 138,012    Power: Zachary Hudson    42.39 ly from Sol    Update: 2 hours
51.0% LFT 300 Vision Interstellar Elated Independent Corporate LFT 300
  • Bhabha City L 7,766 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Corporate Boom, Civil Liberty
  • Great Survey L 7,957 ls Military Independent Corporate Boom
Active States: Boom, Civil Liberty
Recovering States: Pirate Attack
13.7% Erne Limited Happy Federation Corporate Erne
  • Garn Colony M 391 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Corporate War
Active States: War
13.7% Natural G 85-12 Defence Party Happy Independent Dictatorship G 85-12
Home System
Active States: Boom, Civil Liberty, War
Pending States: Outbreak
8.7% LHS 1706 Group Happy Federation Corporate LHS 1706
Active States: None
6.3% United G 85-12 Labour Happy Federation Democracy G 85-12
Home System
Active States: None
3.6% Gold General Solutions Happy Independent Corporate Wolf 1278
Active States: None
1.9% G 85-12 Silver Syndicate Happy Independent Anarchy G 85-12
Home System
Active States: None
1.1% G 85-12 Solutions Happy Independent Corporate G 85-12
Home System
Active States: None