Feudal - Fedualist
Home System:
LHS 1573 - 60.44 ly from Sol
0 0 0
Is Player Faction:

Fedualist. A faction that has built up a significant sphere of influence in the sector though a series of investments and acquisitions. As such they are able to use their portfolio of assets as leverage against local leaders.

LHS 1573    Security: Low    States: Boom, Civil Liberty    Population: 75,000    Power: Li Yong-Rui    60.44 ly from Sol    Update: 28 mins
53.2% Union of Nekhbet Future Elated Federation Democracy Nekhbet
  • DG-1 Refinery L 114 ls Refinery Federation Democracy Boom, Civil Liberty
Active States: Boom, Civil Liberty
Recovering States: Public Holiday
12.9% LHS 1681 Confederacy Happy Federation Confederacy LHS 1681
Active States: War
Recovering States: Infrastructure Failure
12.9% SIRA Incorporated Happy Independent Corporate LP 355-65
Active States: War
10.5% LHS 1573 League Happy Federation Confederacy LHS 1573
Home System
Active States: None
Recovering States: Public Holiday
7.3% Earls of LHS 1573 Happy Independent Feudal LHS 1573
Home System
Active States: Drought
2.2% LHS 1573 PLC Happy Independent Corporate LHS 1573
Home System
Active States: None
1.0% LHS 1573 Purple Partnership Discontented Independent Anarchy LHS 1573
Home System
Active States: Bust, Civil Unrest