Corporate - Corporation
Home System:
StKM 1-442 - 75.87 ly from Sol
0 1
Is Player Faction:

Corporation. A business orientated organisation that has been incorporated as per the Federation Charter of Free Commerce. Members of this faction are representative of a corporate entity and are seen as such in the eyes of the law.

StKM 1-442    Security: Low    States: None    Population: 20,707    Power: Denton Patreus    75.87 ly from Sol    Update: 2 days
44.0% Galaxy Express Happy Independent Corporate Brihasatsa
Active States: None
Pending States: Boom, Expansion
26.8% StKM 1-442 Gold Major PLC Happy Federation Corporate StKM 1-442
Home System
  • Toll Relay L 4,439 ls Military Federation Corporate None
Active States: None
8.5% Eurybia Blue Mafia Happy Independent Anarchy Eurybia
Active States: Expansion
6.7% StKM 1-442 Dominion Happy Independent Feudal StKM 1-442
Home System
Active States: None
5.5% Zeus and Apollo Industries Happy Federation Corporate LP 772-72
Active States: None
5.1% League of StKM 1-442 Happy Federation Confederacy StKM 1-442
Home System
Active States: None
3.5% Raiders of StKM 1-442 Happy Independent Anarchy StKM 1-442
Home System
Active States: None

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