Confederacy - Unionist
Home System:
NLTT 57668 - 89.86 ly from Sol
0 0
Is Player Faction:

Unionist. An organisation that engages in activities that are designed to strengthen ties with other independent groups in order to maintain a certain level of independence from the three Great Powers.

NLTT 57668    Security: Medium    States: None    Population: 51,096    Power: None    89.86 ly from Sol    Update: 1 days
49.9% First Imperial Fleet Happy Empire Patronage Vaka
  • Ban Terminal M 1,781 ls Extraction, Refinery Empire Patronage None
Active States: None
22.9% Traditional Coquim Defence Party Happy Empire Dictatorship Coquim
Active States: None
8.3% Aryamin Domain Happy Empire Feudal Aryamin
Active States: None
7.0% Defence Party of NLTT 57668 Happy Empire Dictatorship NLTT 57668
Home System
Active States: None
6.5% NLTT 57668 Purple Legal Corp Happy Independent Corporate NLTT 57668
Home System
Active States: None
3.2% NLTT 57668 Alliance Happy Independent Confederacy NLTT 57668
Home System
Active States: None
2.2% NLTT 57668 Jet Clan Happy Independent Anarchy NLTT 57668
Home System
Active States: None

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