Corporate - Corporation
Home System:
LHS 2771 - 65.22 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Corporation. An independent business organisation that has been incorporated with its respective home government.

LHS 2771    Security: Medium    States: Boom, Expansion    Population: 4,499,671    Power: Edmund Mahon    65.22 ly from Sol    Update: 37 mins
53.7% Alliance Office of Statistics Happy Alliance Corporate Gateway
  • Sarafanov Vision L 221 ls High Tech, Refinery Alliance Corporate Boom, Expansion
Active States: Boom, Expansion
12.0% LHS 2925 Labour Union Happy Alliance Communism LHS 2925
Active States: None
8.4% LHS 2771 Progressive Party Happy Federation Democracy LHS 2771
Home System
Active States: None
7.4% New Wolf 248 League Happy Federation Confederacy Wolf 248
Active States: None
5.8% Pirates of LHS 2771 Happy Independent Anarchy LHS 2771
Home System
Active States: None
5.2% LHS 2771 Silver Major Comms Happy Federation Corporate LHS 2771
Home System
  • Cayley Dock M 810 ls High Tech, Refinery Federation Corporate None
Active States: None
4.0% LHS 2771 Party Happy Independent Dictatorship LHS 2771
Home System
Active States: None
3.5% LHS 2771 Inc Happy Independent Corporate LHS 2771
Home System
Active States: None

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