Cooperative - Broker
Home System:
Capella - 42.83 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Broker. An organisation that specializes in promoting synergy between disparate groups in order to incubate social and commercial growth.

Capella    Security: Low    States: Expansion, Infrastructure Failure    Population: 6,000    Power: Li Yong-Rui    42.83 ly from Sol    Update: 24 mins
54.9% Earth Defense Fleet Happy Federation Corporate Okinura
  • Charles Orbiter L 10,767 ls Extraction Federation Corporate Expansion, Investment, Infrastructure Failure
  • Darkesport L 10,476 ls Extraction Federation Corporate Civil Liberty, Investment
  • Asimov Vista L 10,753 ls Colony Federation Corporate Civil Liberty, Investment
  • Dedman Holdings L 10,449 ls Colony Federation Corporate Civil Liberty, Expansion, Investment, Infrastructure Failure
  • Lowry Market L 10,687 ls Colony Federation Corporate Expansion, Infrastructure Failure
  • Schilling Market L 10,476 ls Colony Federation Corporate Boom, Expansion, Infrastructure Failure
Active States: Expansion, Infrastructure Failure
Pending States: Boom
15.3% LFT 424 Crimson State Inc Happy Federation Corporate LFT 424
Active States: War
Recovering States: Infrastructure Failure
13.3% Progressive Party of Gliese 3371 Discontented Federation Democracy Gliese 3371
  • Schmidt Orbiter L 10,441 ls Extraction Federation Democracy War, Infrastructure Failure
Active States: War, Infrastructure Failure
6.4% Capella Blue Life Industries Happy Independent Corporate Capella
Home System
Active States: None
6.0% G 175-42 PLC Happy Federation Corporate G 175-42
Active States: None
3.1% Capella One Discontented Independent Cooperative Capella
Home System
Active States: Bust, Civil Unrest
1.0% Dragons of Capella Discontented Independent Anarchy Unknown
Active States: Bust, Civil Unrest
Recovering States: Infrastructure Failure