Dictatorship - Dictator
Home System:
10 Iota Cygni - 121.36 ly from Sol
0 4
Is Player Faction:

Dictator. An organisation that engages in Authoritarian activities in order to establish and maintain absolute control over its chosen field of interest.

10 Iota Cygni    Security: High    State: None    Population: 14,279,056    Power: Pranav Antal    121.36 ly from Sol    Update: 9 hours
58.3% Allied 10 Iota Cygni Defence Force Independent Dictatorship None 10 Iota Cygni
Home System
  • Euler Ring L 11,447 ls Industrial, Refinery Independent Dictatorship None
  • Onnes Hub M 10,329 ls Industrial, Refinery Independent Dictatorship None
  • Pavlou Terminal + None 11,651 ls None Independent Dictatorship None
20.2% Obsidian Hearts Independent Anarchy War 1 Kappa Cygni
7.1% 10 Iota Cygni Systems Independent Corporate None 10 Iota Cygni
Home System
7.1% 10 Iota Cygni Values Party Federation Democracy None 10 Iota Cygni
Home System
  • Parise Hub M 10,880 ls Industrial, Refinery Federation Democracy None
  • Pauli's Folly L 10,376 ls Refinery Federation Democracy None
  • Citroen Vision + None 11,651 ls None Federation Democracy None
5.0% BD+47 2936 Life PLC Federation Corporate None BD+47 2936
1.3% 10 Iota Cygni Purple Society Independent Anarchy None 10 Iota Cygni
Home System
1.0% 10 Iota Cygni Front Independent Dictatorship War 10 Iota Cygni
Home System

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