Communism - Communist
Home System:
Baraswar - 71.75 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Communist. A Faction that believes that all assets should be communally owned, and that resources should be fairly divided among all members by judging each individual's true needs.

Baraswar    Security: Anarchy    States: Expansion, Investment    Population: 3,089,092    Power: Yuri Grom    71.75 ly from Sol    Update: 2 days
61.0% Diamond Frogs Happy Independent Anarchy 63 G. Capricorni
  • Walker Terminal L 1,426 ls Industrial Independent Anarchy Expansion, Investment
Active States: Expansion, Investment
Recovering States: Civil Liberty, Pirate Attack
10.2% Lovedu Blue Major Inc Happy Federation Corporate Lovedu
  • Hoyle Lab L 11 ls Colony Federation Corporate Election, Terrorist Attack
Active States: None
9.1% Baraswar Crimson Vision Ltd Happy Federation Corporate Baraswar
Home System
Active States: None
6.7% Baraswar Organisation Happy Independent Anarchy Baraswar
Home System
Active States: Drought
6.4% Natural Baraswar First Happy Independent Dictatorship Baraswar
Home System
Active States: None
Recovering States: Outbreak
4.5% Jet Netcoms Network Happy Federation Corporate Djiwar
Active States: None
2.2% Baraswar Labour Union Happy Independent Communism Baraswar
Home System
Active States: None

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