Dictatorship - Dictator
Home System:
PSPF-LF 2 - 23.43 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Dictator. An organisation that engages in Authoritarian activities in order to establish and maintain absolute control over its chosen field of interest.

PSPF-LF 2    Security: Medium    States: Investment    Population: 150,000    Power: Zachary Hudson    23.43 ly from Sol    Update: 3 mins
59.6% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Happy Independent Cooperative Alpha Centauri
  • Geston Port L 1,344 ls Refinery Independent Cooperative Investment
  • Leningrad Orbital L 1,342 ls Industrial Independent Cooperative Investment
  • Norton Dock M 2,335 ls Refinery Independent Cooperative Investment
  • Salgari Depot L 1,323 ls Military Independent Cooperative Investment
Active States: Investment
Pending States: Civil Liberty
10.0% League of PSPF-LF 2 Flag Discontented Independent Dictatorship PSPF-LF 2
Home System
Active States: Bust, Civil Unrest, Civil War
10.0% PSPF-LF 2 Silver Comms Corp Discontented Federation Corporate PSPF-LF 2
Home System
Active States: Civil Unrest, Civil War
Recovering States: Bust
8.5% Independent Arinack Free Happy Federation Democracy Arinack
Active States: None
Recovering States: Infrastructure Failure
6.3% Official Groombridge 34 Liberty Party Discontented Independent Dictatorship Groombridge 34
Active States: Bust, Civil Unrest
Recovering States: Blight
4.6% PSPF-LF 2 Liberals Happy Independent Democracy PSPF-LF 2
Home System
Active States: None
1.0% PSPF-LF 2 Purple Family Discontented Independent Anarchy PSPF-LF 2
Home System
Active States: Blight
Pending States: Bust