Corporate - Corporation
Home System:
HIP 44811 - 132.96 ly from Sol
1 4
Is Player Faction:

Corporation. An independent business organisation that has been incorporated with its respective home government.

HIP 44811    Security: High    State: None    Population: 2,679,698,169    Power: Felicia Winters    132.96 ly from Sol    Update: 8 mins
53.0% HIP 44811 Interstellar Independent Corporate None HIP 44811
Home System
  • Doi Ring L 51,093 ls Tourism Independent Corporate None
  • Metcalf Station L 2,318 ls Tourism, Repair Independent Corporate None
  • Mullane Terminal L 488 ls Agriculture Independent Corporate None
  • Norman Base L 50,364 ls Military Independent Corporate None
9.8% HIP 44811 Party Independent Dictatorship Boom HIP 44811
Home System
9.7% HIP 44811 Purple Gang Independent Anarchy Outbreak HIP 44811
Home System
9.5% HIP 44811 Gold Life Ltd Independent Corporate Boom HIP 44811
Home System
  • Popov Terminal L 51,391 ls Tourism Independent Corporate Boom
  • Garan Ring M 50,718 ls Tourism Independent Corporate Boom
  • Perry Base L 50,314 ls Colony Independent Corporate Boom
  • Samuda Base L 50,478 ls Colony Independent Corporate Boom
6.5% Ixilalonta Galactic Commodities Federation Corporate Boom Ixilalonta
5.8% New Nipibo Partnership Federation Confederacy Boom Nipibo
5.7% HIP 44811 Values Party Federation Democracy None HIP 44811
Home System
? Pilots Federation Local Branch Pilots Federation Democracy None Shinrarta Dezhra

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