Democracy - Political
War in Blest
Home System:
LP 532-81 - 42.38 ly from Sol
0 0
Is Player Faction:

Political. Members of this group are actively engaged in the promotion of a democratically approved political agenda.

LP 532-81    Security: Medium    State: Boom    Population: 240,558    Power: Li Yong-Rui    42.38 ly from Sol    Update: 2 hours
51.2% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Independent Cooperative Boom Alpha Centauri
11.9% LP 532-81 Party Independent Dictatorship None LP 532-81
Home System
11.7% Revolutionary LP 532-81 Liberals Federation Democracy None LP 532-81
Home System
9.3% LP 532-81 United Corp. Federation Corporate None LP 532-81
Home System
8.5% Hazel Labour Federation Democracy Retreat Hazel
6.4% LP 532-81 Systems Independent Corporate None LP 532-81
Home System
1.0% LP 532-81 Gold Drug Empire Independent Anarchy None LP 532-81
Home System
Blest    Security: Medium    State: None    Population: 65,789    Power: Zachary Hudson    12.35 ly from LP 532-81    Update: 4 hours
39.5% Earth Defense Fleet Federation Corporate None Okinura
  • Baird Dock M 2,158 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Corporate None
  • Pirsan Survey L 2,704 ls Military Federation Corporate None
16.7% League of Blest Federation Confederacy None Blest
Home System
12.7% Blest Gold Clan Independent Anarchy War Blest
Home System
12.3% Blest Holdings Federation Corporate Boom Blest
Home System
9.1% Blest Crimson Legal Services Independent Corporate None Blest
Home System
8.8% Revolutionary LP 532-81 Liberals Federation Democracy War LP 532-81
1.0% Barons of Blest Independent Feudal None Blest
Home System

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