Anarchy - Freemen
Home System:
Dea Motrona - 70.38 ly from Sol
1 1 0
Is Player Faction:

Freemen. A Group that refuses to recognize the legal construct as defined by the Alliance of Independent systems. Often, but not always, these groups act as a front for some organised criminal syndicate.

Dea Motrona    Security: Anarchy    States: War    Population: 62,733    Power: Edmund Mahon    70.38 ly from Sol    Update: 3 hours
18.5% Hand Gang of Dea Motrona Happy Alliance Anarchy Dea Motrona
Home System
  • Pinzon Dock M 1,758,546 ls Extraction, Refinery Alliance Anarchy War
Active States: War
20.7% Dea Motrona Collective Happy Independent Cooperative Dea Motrona
Home System
Active States: None
18.5% CN Bootis Jet Allied Ltd Happy Alliance Corporate CN Bootis
  • Scalzi Beacon M 21 ls Extraction, Refinery Alliance Corporate War
  • Samos Depot L 1,757,904 ls Military Alliance Corporate None
Active States: War
17.2% Argus Corporation Happy Federation Democracy Lakota
Active States: Boom
8.8% Jet Vision PLC Happy Independent Corporate Dea Motrona
Home System
Active States: None
8.5% Dea Motrona Bridge Inc Happy Alliance Corporate Dea Motrona
Home System
Active States: None
8.0% Earls of Dea Motrona Happy Independent Feudal Dea Motrona
Home System
Active States: Famine
Recovering States: Blight