Dictatorship - Dictator
Home System:
LP 245-10 - 33.79 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Dictator. An organisation that engages in Authoritarian activities in order to establish and maintain absolute control over its chosen field of interest.

LP 245-10    Security: High    State: Boom    Population: 22,144,926    Power: None    33.79 ly from Sol    Update: 3 hours
48.0% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Independent Cooperative Boom Alpha Centauri
  • Galton Gateway L 9 ls Industrial, Refinery Independent Cooperative Boom
10.3% LP 245-10 Dynamic Ltd Federation Corporate Boom LP 245-10
Home System
10.3% Natural LP 245-10 Bureau Independent Dictatorship Boom LP 245-10
Home System
9.5% LP 245-10 Crimson Gang Independent Anarchy Boom Unknown
9.2% Revolutionary LP 245-10 Progressive Party Federation Democracy None LP 245-10
Home System
8.9% Autocracy of LP 245-10 Independent Dictatorship Boom Unknown
3.8% LFT 6 Holdings Federation Corporate Retreat LFT 6
  • Wellman Hub M 15 ls Industrial, Refinery Federation Corporate Retreat
G 173-53    Security: Medium    State: None    Population: 2,845,177    Power: Zachary Hudson    9.57 ly from LP 245-10    Update: 10 hours
22.2% Values Party of G 173-53 Federation Democracy None G 173-53
Home System
48.0% Crimson General PLC Federation Corporate Boom G 173-53
Home System
11.7% Natural LP 245-10 Bureau Independent Dictatorship Boom LP 245-10
7.8% G 173-53 League Independent Dictatorship Civil War G 173-53
Home System
4.2% G 173-53 Blue Mob Independent Anarchy Civil War G 173-53
Home System
3.8% Iota Persei Purple General Ltd Federation Corporate War Iota Persei
2.3% Order of G 173-53 Independent Dictatorship War G 173-53
Home System

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