Corporate - Corporation
Home System:
Hazel - 36.26 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Corporation. A business orientated organisation that has been incorporated as per the Federation Charter of Free Commerce. Members of this faction are representative of a corporate entity and are seen as such in the eyes of the law.

Hazel    Security: Medium    States: Civil Liberty, Investment    Population: 250,000    Power: Yuri Grom    36.26 ly from Sol    Update: 10 mins
64.0% C.O.N.T.R.A.I.L Elated Independent Democracy Anlave
  • New Boracay L 66 ls Industrial Independent Democracy Civil Liberty, Investment
  • Krikalev Dock M 28 ls Industrial, Refinery Independent Democracy Civil Liberty, Expansion, Investment
Active States: Civil Liberty, Investment
Recovering States: Expansion, Public Holiday
11.4% Boop Brigade Happy Independent Cooperative Zhi
Active States: Boom
9.9% Hazel Labour Happy Federation Democracy Hazel
Home System
Active States: Boom
5.1% Regulatory State of Hazel Happy Independent Dictatorship Hazel
Home System
Active States: Infrastructure Failure
4.9% Hazel Silver Vision Interstellar Happy Federation Corporate Hazel
Home System
Active States: None
3.7% BD+02 305 Universal Exchange Happy Federation Corporate BD+02 305
Active States: None
1.0% Hazel Gold Brothers Discontented Independent Anarchy Hazel
Home System
Active States: Bust, Civil Unrest