Democracy - Political
War in LP 532-81
Home System:
Hazel - 36.26 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Political. Members of this group are actively engaged in the promotion of a democratically approved political agenda.

Hazel    Security: Medium    State: Boom    Population: 250,000    Power: Yuri Grom    36.26 ly from Sol    Update: 10 hours
37.6% George Pantazis Democrats Federation Democracy Boom George Pantazis
  • New Boracay L 73 ls Industrial Federation Democracy Boom
  • Krikalev Dock M 28 ls Industrial, Refinery Federation Democracy Boom
35.4% Hazel Silver Vision Interstellar Federation Corporate Boom Hazel
Home System
12.1% Hazel Labour Federation Democracy None Hazel
Home System
7.5% Green Party of Wolf 124 Federation Democracy None Wolf 124
4.7% Byel Taca Silver Major Company Federation Corporate War Byel Taca
1.7% Hazel Gold Brothers Independent Anarchy None Hazel
Home System
1.1% Regulatory State of Hazel Independent Dictatorship War Hazel
Home System
LP 532-81    Security: Medium    State: None    Population: 240,558    Power: Li Yong-Rui    14.61 ly from Hazel    Update: 5 hours
43.1% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Independent Cooperative None Alpha Centauri
14.9% LP 532-81 Systems Independent Corporate None LP 532-81
Home System
13.5% LP 532-81 United Corp. Federation Corporate War LP 532-81
Home System
10.1% Hazel Labour Federation Democracy War Hazel
9.4% LP 532-81 Party Independent Dictatorship Boom LP 532-81
Home System
8.1% Revolutionary LP 532-81 Liberals Federation Democracy Retreat LP 532-81
Home System
1.0% LP 532-81 Gold Drug Empire Independent Anarchy None LP 532-81
Home System
Rhiannon    Security: Medium    State: None    Population: 2,234,232    Power: Yuri Grom    23.20 ly from Hazel    Update: 15 hours
36.7% LHS 1052 Fortune Corporation Federation Corporate None LHS 1052
  • Dyson Hub L 7,085 ls Industrial Federation Corporate None
22.2% Rhiannon Services Federation Corporate Boom Rhiannon
Home System
15.4% Rhiannon Law Party Independent Dictatorship Outbreak Rhiannon
Home System
9.0% Social Rhiannon Green Party Federation Democracy Boom Rhiannon
Home System
8.8% Hazel Labour Federation Democracy None Hazel
5.9% Rhiannon Crew Independent Anarchy Boom Rhiannon
Home System
1.9% Revolutionary Party of Iota Piscium Federation Democracy None Iota Piscium

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