Corporate - Corporation
Home System:
CD-87 103 - 107.86 ly from Sol
0 0
Is Player Faction:

Corporation. An independent business organisation that has been incorporated with its respective home government.

CD-87 103    Security: Anarchy    States: Boom    Population: 5,541,390    Power: None    107.86 ly from Sol    Update: 27 mins
39.7% CD-87 103 Gold Society Happy Independent Anarchy Unknown
  • Shajn City L 1,412 ls High Tech, Refinery Independent Anarchy Boom
Active States: Boom
11.7% CD-87 103 Imperial Society Happy Empire Patronage CD-87 103
Home System
Active States: Civil War
11.7% Social CD-87 103 Labour Happy Independent Democracy CD-87 103
Home System
Active States: Civil War
9.9% CD-87 103 Party Happy Independent Dictatorship CD-87 103
Home System
Active States: None
9.9% The Fuel Rats Mischief Happy Independent Cooperative Fuelum
Active States: Expansion
9.6% CD-87 103 Electronics Exchange Happy Independent Corporate CD-87 103
Home System
Active States: None
7.5% Sissy Incorporated Happy Empire Corporate Eravapa
Active States: Civil Liberty
0.0% Pilots' Federation Local Branch Happy Pilots Federation Democracy Unknown
Active States: None

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