Confederacy - Unionist
Home System:
Hlocamentii - 146.88 ly from Sol
0 1
Is Player Faction:

Unionist. An organisation that engages in activities that are designed to strengthen ties with other independent groups in order to maintain a certain level of independence from the three Great Powers.

Hlocamentii    Security: Low    States: Boom    Population: 24,806    Power: None    146.88 ly from Sol    Update: 4 days
31.8% Green Party of Arro Kop Happy Federation Democracy Arro Kop
  • Kerr Prospect M 357 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Democracy None
Active States: Boom
20.6% Hlocamentii Partnership Happy Independent Confederacy Hlocamentii
Home System
  • Chorel Mine M 631 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Confederacy War
Active States: Election
20.6% Union of Aiaba Partnership Happy Independent Confederacy Aiaba
Active States: Election
14.7% Bhutas Hunters Happy Empire Dictatorship Unknown
Active States: None
Pending States: Expansion
6.7% Hlocamentii United Exchange Happy Independent Corporate Hlocamentii
Home System
Active States: None
4.0% Movement for Gefion Revolutionary Party Happy Independent Democracy Gefion
Active States: None
1.6% Hlocamentii Syndicate Happy Independent Anarchy Hlocamentii
Home System
Active States: None
0.0% Pilots' Federation Local Branch ? Pilots Federation Democracy Unknown
Active States: None

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