Confederacy - Venutrist
Home System:
Seediansi - 33.51 ly from Sol
1 1
Is Player Faction:

Venutrist. A Faction that, in conjunction with a number of similarly aligned organisations, promotes their agenda by manipulating the application of capital being channeled in to local business and social ventures.

Seediansi    Security: Low    State: Retreat    Population: 3,497,842    Power: None    33.51 ly from Sol    Update: 4 hours
47.8% League of Seediansi Federation Confederacy Retreat Seediansi
Home System
  • Grover Orbital L 11,286 ls Industrial Federation Confederacy Retreat
14.2% Seediansi Allied Corp. Federation Corporate None Seediansi
Home System
11.8% Revolutionary Slink's Eye Liberals Independent Democracy None Slink's Eye
9.7% BD+02 305 Universal Exchange Federation Corporate None BD+02 305
8.0% Seediansi Brothers Independent Anarchy None Seediansi
Home System
5.1% Independent Arinack Free Federation Democracy None Arinack
3.3% Seediansi Autocracy Independent Dictatorship Boom Seediansi
Home System
LP 525-39    Security: Low    State: None    Population: 39,322    Power: None    5.34 ly from Seediansi    Update: 22 hours
45.5% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Independent Cooperative None Alpha Centauri
  • Atwater Outpost M 2,301 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Cooperative None
21.6% Workers of Gooheimar Alliance Federation Confederacy Boom Gooheimar
17.5% LP 525-39 Alliance Federation Confederacy Civil War LP 525-39
Home System
8.0% Monarchy of LP 525-39 Independent Feudal Civil War LP 525-39
Home System
4.9% League of Seediansi Federation Confederacy Retreat Seediansi
1.5% LP 525-39 Silver Cartel Independent Anarchy None LP 525-39
Home System
1.0% LP 525-39 & Co Federation Corporate None LP 525-39
Home System
  • Fuglesang Depot M 3,794 ls Extraction, Military, Refinery Federation Corporate None

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