Dictatorship - Dictator
Home System:
Negasta - 143.14 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Dictator. An organisation that engages in Authoritarian activities in order to establish and maintain absolute control over its chosen field of interest.

Negasta    Security: Anarchy    States: None    Population: 9,244,902    Power: None    143.14 ly from Sol    Update: 2 days
56.8% Negasta Family Happy Alliance Anarchy Negasta
Home System
  • Farmer Dock L 653 ls Extraction, Industrial Alliance Anarchy None
Active States: None
13.7% Negasta Purity Party Happy Independent Dictatorship Negasta
Home System
  • Ballard Dock M 504 ls Extraction, Industrial Independent Dictatorship ?
Active States: None
6.6% Liberals of Negasta Happy Independent Democracy Negasta
Home System
  • Carr Dock M 1,117 ls Extraction, Industrial Independent Democracy ?
Active States: None
6.5% HIP 64131 Electronics Corp. Happy Independent Corporate HIP 64131
Active States: None
6.0% Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research (IGER) Happy Independent Cooperative HIP 72043
Active States: None
5.3% Official Negasta League Happy Independent Dictatorship Negasta
Home System
Active States: None
5.1% van Gelt Micro Batteries Happy Independent Corporate Negasta
Home System
Active States: None

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