Democracy - Political
Home System:
Trepin - 30.05 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Political. Members of this group are actively engaged in the promotion of a democratically approved political agenda.

Trepin    Security: High    States: Civil Liberty    Population: 28,550,516    Power: Felicia Winters    30.05 ly from Sol    Update: 10 hours
49.6% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Happy Independent Cooperative Alpha Centauri
  • Rukavishnikov Hub L 309 ls Industrial, Refinery Independent Cooperative Civil Liberty
Active States: Civil Liberty
16.7% Collective of Independent Agents Happy Federation Corporate LHS 336
  • Gaffney Ring M 118,730 ls Industrial, Refinery Federation Corporate Election, Civil Liberty
  • Khrunov Survey L 118,035 ls Military Federation Corporate Expansion, None
  • Menzies' Inheritance L 271 ls Refinery Federation Corporate None
Active States: Election
16.7% Trepin Values Party Happy Federation Democracy Trepin
Home System
  • Kuhn Hub M 118,571 ls Industrial, Refinery Federation Democracy Election
Active States: Election
7.9% Trepin Energy Limited Happy Federation Corporate Trepin
Home System
Active States: None
3.6% Official Trepin Freedom Party Happy Independent Dictatorship Trepin
Home System
Active States: None
3.3% Trepin Purple Cartel Happy Independent Anarchy Trepin
Home System
Active States: None
2.2% Bureau of Trepin Constitution Party Happy Independent Dictatorship Trepin
Home System
Active States: None

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