Democracy - Democrat
Home System:
Ross 569 - 148.41 ly from Sol
1 1
Is Player Faction:

Democrat. A faction that is known for actively following the ideal that all members should be able to influence how their organisation operates.

Ross 569    Security: Medium    States: Boom    Population: 1,331,342    Power: None    148.41 ly from Sol    Update: 7 days
43.5% Ross 569 Free Happy Independent Democracy Ross 569
Home System
  • Pimi Dock L 2,438 ls Industrial Independent Democracy Boom
Active States: Boom
18.0% TTA - Terran Trade Authority Happy Empire Corporate Arjung
  • Popov Hub L 3,697 ls Military Empire Corporate Expansion, None
Active States: None
12.0% Harm Services Happy Empire Corporate Harm
Active States: None
9.6% TAO Happy Independent Cooperative Basuki An
Active States: None
8.0% Ross 569 Nationals Happy Empire Dictatorship Ross 569
Home System
Active States: Election
8.0% United Ross 569 League Elated Independent Dictatorship Ross 569
Home System
Active States: Boom, Election
1.0% Ross 569 Gold United Int Happy Independent Corporate Ross 569
Home System
Active States: None

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