Anarchy - Unfettered
Home System:
9 Iota Piscis Austrini - 204.24 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Unfettered. This Group is known to have a distain for any laws outside its own attempts to govern its members behavior.

9 Iota Piscis Austrini    Security: Low    States: Expansion    Population: 3,196    Power: None    204.24 ly from Sol    Update: 2 hours
54.4% The Winged Hussars Happy Independent Cooperative HR 8444
  • Binney Colony M 1,460 ls Extraction Independent Cooperative None
Active States: Expansion
14.4% Chebay State Services Happy Independent Corporate Chebay
Active States: None
12.1% Co-operative of HIP 107370 Happy Independent Cooperative HIP 107370
Active States: None
8.4% 9 Iota Piscis Austrini Partners Happy Empire Corporate 9 Iota Piscis Austrini
Home System
Active States: None
8.4% Silver Bridge Company Happy Empire Corporate HIP 106714
Active States: None
2.3% 9 Iota Piscis Austrini Purple Dragons Happy Independent Anarchy 9 Iota Piscis Austrini
Home System
Active States: None
0.0% Pilots' Federation Local Branch Happy Pilots Federation Democracy Unknown
Active States: None

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