Corporate - Corporation
Home System:
Kwikumat - 226.81 ly from Sol
1 1
Is Player Faction:

Corporation. An organisation that has been granted the rights of an Imperial Corporation. They are likely to have business interests that extend beyond a single station or planet.

Kwikumat    Security: Low    States: Expansion    Population: 1,605    Power: None    226.81 ly from Sol    Update: 16 days
82.7% Sacra Oculus Happy Independent Theocracy Synuefe BT-F d12-54
  • Mukai Relay M 902 ls Extraction Independent Theocracy Expansion, None
Active States: Expansion
10.3% Wadjedet Guardians of Tradition Happy Empire Patronage Wadjedet
Active States: None
7.0% Kwikumat Purple Dynamic Ltd Happy Empire Corporate Kwikumat
Home System
Active States: None
Lan Yu    Security: Low    States: Boom    Population: 4,504    Power: None    22.56 ly from Kwikumat    Update: 4 days
38.4% Kwikumat Purple Dynamic Ltd Happy Empire Corporate Kwikumat
  • Bohme Stop M 1,435 ls Extraction Empire Corporate None
Active States: Boom
14.1% HIP 27855 Imperial Society Happy Empire Patronage HIP 27855
Active States: None
13.8% Kamchadals Major Limited Happy Empire Corporate Kamchadals
Active States: None
12.1% HIP 30252 Empire Party Happy Empire Patronage HIP 30252
Active States: None
8.9% Lan Yu Silver Organisation Happy Independent Anarchy Lan Yu
Home System
Active States: None
7.8% Lan Yu Natural Systems Happy Empire Corporate Lan Yu
Home System
Active States: None
4.8% Natural Zhang Yu Regulatory State Happy Empire Dictatorship Zhang Yu
Active States: None

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