Corporate - Corporation
Civil War in Stein 2051
Home System:
Stein 2051 - 18.22 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Corporation. A business orientated organisation that has been incorporated as per the Federation Charter of Free Commerce. Members of this faction are representative of a corporate entity and are seen as such in the eyes of the law.

Stein 2051    Security: Medium    State: Civil Unrest    Population: 125,008    Power: Zachary Hudson    18.22 ly from Sol    Update: 3 hours
52.5% Hutton Orbital Truckers Co-Operative Independent Cooperative Civil Unrest Alpha Centauri
  • Rennie Landing M 168 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Cooperative Civil Unrest
21.0% Stein 2051 Silver Allied Inc Federation Corporate Civil War Stein 2051
Home System
15.9% New Stein 2051 Democrats Federation Democracy Civil War Stein 2051
Home System
3.0% New Stein 2051 Order Independent Dictatorship Civil War Stein 2051
Home System
2.8% Stein 2051 Services Federation Corporate None Stein 2051
Home System
  • Boming Station M 1,798 ls Extraction, Refinery Federation Corporate None
2.4% LHS 2459 Advanced Corp. Federation Corporate None LHS 2459
2.4% Stein 2051 Purple Crew Independent Anarchy Civil War Stein 2051
Home System

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