Cooperative - Broker
Home System:
Svantetit - 148.23 ly from Sol
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Is Player Faction:

Broker. An organisation that specializes in promoting synergy between disparate groups in order to incubate social and commercial growth.

Svantetit    Security: Low    States: None    Population: 28,819    Power: None    148.23 ly from Sol    Update: 1 days
56.4% The L.O.S.P. Happy Independent Confederacy Jitabos
  • Low Beacon M 616 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Confederacy Boom
  • O'Leary Outpost M 11,637 ls Extraction, Refinery Independent Confederacy Expansion
  • Kurland Prospect L 11,513 ls Refinery Independent Confederacy Civil Liberty, None
  • Barbaro's Progress ++ None 11,720 ls Refinery Independent Confederacy None
Active States: None
Pending States: Expansion
16.1% Social Brabri Unionists Happy Independent Communism Brabri
Active States: Expansion
8.5% Svantetit One Happy Independent Cooperative Svantetit
Home System
Active States: None
5.6% United Gliese 765.3 Dominion Happy Independent Dictatorship Gliese 765.3
Active States: None
5.3% Crimson Fortune Industry Happy Independent Corporate Svantetit
Home System
Active States: None
5.1% Union of Oman League Happy Federation Confederacy Oman
Active States: None
3.0% Svantetit Gold Camorra Happy Independent Anarchy Svantetit
Home System
Active States: None

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