System: Mel 22 Sector DG-O c6-0 - All bodies
Distance to Sol: 413.13 ly
Distance To Arrival: 1,654 ls
Is Landable: No
Terraforming: Not terraformable
Earth Masses: 87.6678
Radius: 56,387 KM
Gravity: 1.12 G
Surface Temperature: 130 K
Atmosphere Type: 74.3% Hydrogen
25.6% Helium
Orbital Period: 2,357.9 D
Semi Major Axis: 3.31 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0004
Orbital Inclination: -0.11 °
Arg Of Periapsis: 199.10 °
Rotational Period: 0.5 D
Axis Tilt: -1.91 °
Attractions: None

Gas giant with ammonia-based life. This is primarily a hydrogen and helium-based atmospheric gas giant, but a little below the surface cloud layers, life exists based in the ammonia-cloud layer. The chemistry of this gaseous region is far from equilibrium, with a surprising excess of oxygen and many carbon-based compounds giving it some vivid colours. As with many such gaseous living systems, it is underpinned by vast quantities of free-floating radioplankton - tiny carbon-based algae, each retaining small quantity of liquid ammonia, extracting their energy from the intense radiation flux.

Rings - Reserve Pristine
  Ring Type Mass Semi Major Axis Inner Radius Outer Radius  
Mel 22 Sector DG-O c6-0 4 A Ring Icy 437,260,000,000.00 MT ? 93,038 KM 164,610 KM