System: Pechua - All bodies
Distance to Sol: 108.12 ly
Distance To Arrival: 2,428 ls
Is Landable: No
Terraforming: Not terraformable
Earth Masses: 122.4656
Radius: 59,705 KM
Gravity: 1.40 G
Surface Temperature: 54 K
Atmosphere Type: 73.9% Hydrogen
26.1% Helium
Orbital Period: 6,580.5 D
Semi Major Axis: 4.87 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0000
Orbital Inclination: 0.54 °
Arg Of Periapsis: 276.74 °
Rotational Period: 1.3 D
Axis Tilt: 2.61 °

Class I or jovian gas giants have primarily hydrogen and helium atmospheres. Coloration comes from clouds in the upper atmosphere of ammonia, water vapour, hydrogen sulphide, phosphine and sulphur. The temperature at the top of their upper cloud layers is typically less than 150 K.

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Rings - Reserve Common
  Ring Type Mass Semi Major Axis Inner Radius Outer Radius  
Pechua 4 A Ring Icy 26,117,000,000.00 MT ? 110,340 KM 172,880 KM
Pechua 4 B Ring Icy 37,034,000,000.00 MT ? 1,019,000 KM 2,567,700 KM