System: LFT 69 - All bodies
Distance to Sol: 32.30 ly
Distance To Arrival: 2,491 ls
Is Landable: No
Terraforming: Not terraformable
Earth Masses: 1,266.9795
Radius: 75,249 KM
Gravity: 9.09 G
Surface Temperature: 278 K
Atmosphere Type: 71.5% Hydrogen
28.5% Helium
Orbital Period: 297.4 D
Semi Major Axis: 0.04 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.1661
Orbital Inclination: -4.19 °
Arg Of Periapsis: 35.71 °
Rotational Period: 1.0 D
Axis Tilt: 2.90 °

Class III gas giants have primarily hydrogen and helium atmospheres without distinctive cloud layers. Their surface temperature typically ranges between 350 K and 800 K. They are primarily blue in colour because of optical scattering in the atmosphere - with the chance of wispy cloud layers from sulphides and chlorides.

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Rings - Reserve Low
  Ring Type Mass Semi Major Axis Inner Radius Outer Radius  
LFT 69 A 1 A Ring Metal Rich 225,290,000,000.00 MT 0.00 AU 137,520 KM 179,790 KM
LFT 69 A 1 B Ring Rocky 1,840,900,000,000.00 MT 0.00 AU 179,890 KM 376,700 KM