System: Bang Mu - All bodies
Distance to Sol: 89.93 ly
Spectral Class: TTS - Not Scoopable
Luminosity Class: VI - Subdwarf
Age: 142 Million years
Solar Masses: 0.1445
Solar Radius: 0.3239
Surface Temperature: 1,566 K
Orbital Period: 34,103.6 D
Semi Major Axis: 3.86 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0108
Orbital Inclination: -20.50 °
Arg Of Periapsis: 218.95 °
Absolute Magnitude: 12.9493
Salgari Dock M 272 ls
Attractions: None

Class Y dwarfs are the coolest of the brown dwarfs. Surface temperatures are less than 700 K, and are effectively very large gas giant planets, with some stellar properties.

A subdwarf, sometimes denoted by "sd", is a star with luminosity class VI under the Yerkes spectral classification system. They are defined as stars with luminosity 1.5 to 2 magnitudes lower than that of main-sequence stars of the same spectral type. On an Hertzsprung–Russell diagram subdwarfs appear to lie below the main sequence.

The term "subdwarf" was coined by Gerard Kuiper in 1939, to refer to a series of stars with anomalous spectra that were previously labeled as "intermediate white dwarfs".