System: Omicron Capricorni B - All bodies
Distance to Sol: 136.54 ly
Distance To Arrival: 11,704 ls
Is Landable: No
Terraforming: Not terraformable
Earth Masses: 3,489.3547
Radius: 62,508 KM
Gravity: 36.30 G
Surface Temperature: 1,281 K
Atmosphere Type: 67.6% Hydrogen
32.4% Helium
Orbital Period: 441.8 D
Semi Major Axis: 1.43 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0005
Orbital Inclination: 1.69 °
Arg Of Periapsis: 28.85 °
Rotational Period: 0.6 D
Axis Tilt: 0.84 °
Attractions: None

Helium-rich gas giants have a greatly inflated percentage of helium compared to the hydrogen in their atmosphere. Much of their hydrogen has been lost over time because they have insufficient mass to hold on to it. It may also be because temperatures in their past were much higher, driving off the hydrogen at a greater rate.

Rings - Reserve Pristine
  Ring Type Mass Semi Major Axis Inner Radius Outer Radius  
Omicron Capricorni B B 2 A Ring Rocky 3,999,800,000,000.00 MT ? 119,020 KM 528,030 KM