System: HIP 2217 - All bodies
Distance to Sol: 728.06 ly
Distance To Arrival: 78 ls
Is Landable: Yes
Terraforming: Not terraformable
Earth Masses: 0.3586
Radius: 3,564 KM
Gravity: 1.15 G
Surface Temperature: 1,045 K
Volcanism: Silicate magma
Atmosphere: No atmosphere
Orbital Period: 19.8 D
Semi Major Axis: 0.16 AU
Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0000
Orbital Inclination: 0.00 °
Arg Of Periapsis: 3.96 °
Rotational Period: -19.8 D
Axis Tilt: -2.18 °
Iron (37.5%) Nickel (28.3%) Chromium (16.8%) Zinc (10.2%) Niobium (2.6%) Tungsten (2.1%) Germanium (1.8%) Tellurium (0.8%)

Metal rich worlds like this have a large metallic core, with plentiful metallic ores even at the surface. In places, especially around areas of past or current volcanism or liquid erosion, some higher metals can be found in their elemental form too. Mining is therefore very efficient, so these worlds are highly valued.

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