System: Shinrarta Dezhra
Distance to Sol: 64.43 ly
Distance to Arrival: 3,197 ls
Situated: Planetary
Body: Shinrarta Dezhra AB 2 h
Gravity: 0.12g
Position on Body: 71.464 -26.541
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0250

Officially, the Pilots' Federation is apolitical: as an organisation it does not interfere with the internal workings of systems or factions. However this official stance is a misnomer. The PF wields considerable power through its web of political contacts as well as the application of the bounty system and control of the ship and station embedded systems.

It also uses a lot of soft power by providing pilot safety support throughout human space.

There are also known cliques within the PF (The Dark Wheel is probably the most famous) that have their own agendas. Officially these are discouraged, but in an organisation so large they are tolerated as long as they don't overstep the mark.