System: Shinrarta Dezhra
Distance to Sol: 64.43 ly
Distance to Arrival: 3,218 ls
Situated: Planetary
Body: Shinrarta Dezhra AB 2 i
Gravity: 0.18g
Position on Body: -12.437 -164.635
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0248

The Pilots' Federation as an organisation controls a vast financial empire. This is not public knowledge, although the major intelligence services are aware of the fact. However for the most part these financial resources are used to improve safety for pilots and for funding bounties where local authorities do not (or in uncontrolled space), some governments have been known to take advantage of this.

The Pilots' Federation also takes a private interest in the independent venture with new colonies, this will typically be masked by front companies. They see these as long term investments. In only one known case has the PF taken control of a world or system - see the Founders' World section below.

As well as providing fund for bounties it also receives transaction fees for completed bounties that are processed through the PF bounty system - and in many cases retains unclaimed bounties where, for whatever reason, the pilot who has earned it doesn't claim it.

By far the most significant contribution to the PF's finances is the near monopoly it has for the embedded ship and station systems.