System: Sirius
Distance to Sol: 8.59 ly
Distance to Arrival: 7,262 ls
Situated: Orbital
Body: Lucifer
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0202

In 2339 a commercial colonial expedition reached the unusual binary Sirius system. The colonisation was the first solely corporate colonial mission and the company rapidly rose to become the premier supplier of drive fuel throughout human space. The on-off war between the two major powers over the following centuries financed the initial expansion of the company into an interstellar giant as it supplied both sides initially just fuel, but as it became a large interstellar conglomerate, also providing drive technologies and moving in to many more fields.

Before it was a hundred years old, the Sirius corporation and its products were thoroughly integrated into civilian and military production throughout human space. It became a trusted partner even during times of conflict, and the organisation took great care to implement 'Chinese walls' between confidential information of its many customers, and put in place a strict protocol so no single customer would be favoured over another, as it fully appreciated its future business depended on it.