System: Sol
Distance to Sol: 0.00 ly
Distance to Arrival: 15 ls
Situated: Orbital
Body: Sol
Group: Beacon
Beacon Type: Tourist Beacon
Tourist Spot: 0201

Notable Presidents of the Federation

The complete list of Presidents is too numerous to mention here, so only those who made a name for themselves in intergalactic affairs are listed.

Sadig Kessler (Federal President in 2599-2607)

Isaac Gellan (Federal President 2862-2866 (disgraced - lost VoNC))

Olaf Smith (Federal President 2866-2874)

Jeremy Tann (Federal President 2874-2882)

Verity Campbell (Federal President in 2956-2960 - lost VoNC)

Ulrich Vale (Federal President 2968-2976)

Grant Keller (Federal President 2976-2984)

Tyrell Biggs (Federal President 3008-3016)

Loric Trander (Federal President 3184-3192)

Eugene Cooper (Federal President 3260-3264 (unpopular - lost VoNC))

Antonia Madison (Federal President 3264-3272)

Jasmina Halsey (Federal President (from 3300-3301 (disappeared))

Zachary Hudson (Federal President 3301 - Present)